Rare Bird Reporting

Osprey Male 512

Occasionally, the refuge will be the recipient of a rare bird for this area. They may be blown off course, or just lost their way, or maybe responding to changes in weather or food sources. If you find one that you are sure is rare for this area, report it for others. (The Osprey above is not common in this area but not rare.) Here's a list of the birds found in the refuge and some rare ones.

Montana Rare Bird Alert

In the past few years rare birds such as great egret, whooping crane, wood duck, turkey vulture, dunlin, northern mockingbird, northern parula, black-and-white warbler, northern oriole, rose-breasted grosbeak, and grasshopper sparrow have been seen. Another bird considered rare here that does not normally get much attention elsewhere is the rock dove! 

Please report all rare bird sightings to the refuge office.  In addition, it would be helpful to also report sightings with detailed information to: 

Montana Natural Heritage Program

P.O. Box 201800

1515 East Sixth Avenue

Helena, MT 59620-1800

(406) 444-0914

mtnhp@state.mt.us (e-mails preferred)

In order for your sighting to be included in the Montana Bird Distribution information, the Montana Bird Distribution Committee requires that a Montana Rare Bird Report Form be filled out. The form can be obtained from the Montana Natural Heritage Program listed above.

To view an online, searchable version of Montana Bird Distribution information, visit the Montana Natural Heritage Program website listed in Websites of Interest to Birders and navigate to Animals, Searches, Bird Latilong Search. For the citation for P.D. Skaar's Montana Bird Distribution, see Recommended Reading.

To hear a tape-recorded message of recent bird sighting around the state, call: BigFork (406) 756-5595 (Flathead Audubon Birding Update)

Download a list of the birds found in the refuge here.