Wildlife Reading and other weblinks

The more educated you are about the wildlife the better chance you will have to see them in the refuge and the more enjoyment you will have when you see them. Here are a very few books and websites that might help you enjoy the wildlife here. None are sponsored or endorsed by the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Recommended Reading 


Fischer, Carol, and Hank Fischer. 1990. Montana Wildlife Viewing Guide. Helena: Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc.

Duda, Mark Damian. 1995. Watching Wildlife: Tips, Gear, and Great Places for Enjoying America’s Wild Creatures. Helena: Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc.

Burt, William Henry, and Richard P. Grossenheider. 1998. A Field Guide to the Mammals: North America North of Mexico, 3rd ed. The Peterson Field Guides Series. Boston; Houghton Mifflin Company.

The History, Ecology and Management of the Rocky Mountain Population of Trumpeter Swans (1931-86): North American Swans: Bulletin of The Trumpeter Swan Society (Volume 34) by Ruth E. Shea. Available on at Amazon.com


For Young Readers

Carson, Rachel. 1998. The Sense of Wonder, Reprint. New York: HarperCollins.

Websites of Interest to Wildlife Viewers

Center for Wildlife Information/Bears of North America 

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks 

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation