Lakes, Ponds and Rivers

Aerial View

Fresh water is key to the existence of the refuge. Two large shallow lakes, numerous ponds, streams and creeks contribute to the rich life that call the refuge home. 

  • Lakes

    Upper Red Rock Lake

    The namesake of the refuge are the two Upper and Lower Red Rock Lakes. Swan Lake is not very accessible to humans but provides good swan breeding habitat as a result. These lakes are the major source of food and breeding grounds for many of the birds of the refuge. They are fed mainly from Red Rock Creek, Odell Creek, Elk Springs Creek and Picnic Springs Creek.

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  • Ponds

    Wigeon Pond thumb

    Ponds are made by either natural or artificial dams in the refuge. There are several larger ponds and a few smaller ones that support a large variety of waterfowl and other life. Culver Pond, Widgeon Pond, and Sparrow Pond are examples. In early spring several other small ponds fill the wetlands of the refuge.

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  • Creeks and Rivers

    Red Rock Creek Thumb

    Red Rock Creek turns into a river after Lower Red Rock Dam. However, prior to that, it meanders throughout the refuge giving life to every place it touches. In addition, Odell Creek, Elk Springs Creek, Tom Creek and Picnic Springs Creek are some of the year-round sources of water within the refuge.

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