2005 Comprehensive Conservation Plan


As directed by the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997, all national wildlife refuges are required to complete and implement a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP). The purpose of a CCP is to specify a management direction for the Refuge for the next 15 years.  The Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan was completed in 2005.  The plan and related documents are available below.


Final CCP Press Release (89 KB)

Record of Decision (1,098 KB) 


Final CCP Summary Documents 


Summary Brochure (2,108 KB)

Final CCP Illustrative Plan (800 KB) 

Planning Update 7-Summer 2005 (833 KB) 


Final CCP 

Table of Contents (412 KB) 

Summary (1,842 KB) 

Chapter 1: Purpose and Need (681 KB) 

Chapter 2: Planning Process (709 KB) 

Chapter 3: Refuge and Resource Descriptions (1,317 KB)

Chapter 4: Management Direction (1,782 KB)

Chapter 5: Implementation and Monitoring (77 KB)

Glossary and Appendices (1,785 KB)

Maps from the CCP 


Final CCP Environmental Impact Statement 

Table of Contents and Summary (210 KB)

Chapter 1: Purpose and Need (387 KB)

Chapter 2: Alternatives (1,933 KB)

Chapter 3: Affected Environment (1,241 KB)

Chapter 4:Environmental Consequences (1,665 KB)

Chapters 5, 6, Glossary, Appendices, & Index (1,032 KB)

Appendix H: Public Comments and Agency Responses-Groups (15,327 KB)

Appendix H: Public Comments and Agency Responses-Individuals (657 KB)

Planning Update 6-Summer 2004 (903 KB)

Planning Update 5-Winter 2004 (593 KB)


Results of the 2002 Mule Deer Tissue Study 

Executive Summary (47 KB)

Full Paper (270 KB)


Alternative Development 

Planning Update 4-Summer 2003 (315 KB) 

Planning Update 3-Spring 2003 (358 KB) 

Resource Inventory (650 KB)-For resource inventory maps see the "Maps from the CCP" page from the "Final CCP" section above.

Public Involvement and Scoping

Public Involvement Summary (585 KB)

Planning Update 2-Winter 2002 (329 KB)

Planning Update 1-Fall 2002 (401 KB)

Draft Vision and Goals (75 KB)

Vision & Issues Workshop Summary Report (479 KB)

Public Scoping Report (535 KB)

Public Scoping Report Appendices (444 KB)