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Resource Management

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The management strategy of the refuge is to encourage the development of a mosaic of bottomland hardwood forest and wetlands in the refuge’s lowlands.  On the higher elevations, management efforts are focused on a mix of post-oak/blackjack and oak/hickory forest, as well as restoring native grasslands.  The refuge uses many tools to meet these management goals. 

  • Managing the Forest

    The goal of the refuge’s forest management is to protect the existing hardwood forest, as well as restore it. 

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  • Fire Management

    Fire, nature's tool, is used to enhance wildlife habitat on the refuge while reducing the possibility of damaging wildfires.

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  • Protecting Native Species

    Exotic and invasive species will often out-compete the native plants and wildlife for critical resources. 

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  • Oil and Gas

    Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge has several active oil and gas wells scattered throughout the refuge. These are privately held mineral rights. 

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Last Updated: Jun 10, 2013
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