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Applications Currently Accepted for Mobility and Visually Impaired Hunts

Dylan HentgesA successful hunter shows off the deer he harvested during a Mobility and Visually Impaired hunt at Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge.

Now is the time for mobility and/or visually impaired hunters to complete applications for two managed deer hunts at the Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge.  The first hunt is strictly for persons with disabilities during the weekend of October 15-16, 2016 in which nine individuals will be selected from the pool of applicants for this hunt.  Applications must be submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge.

The second hunt will occur the weekend of January 7-8, 2017.  A total of fifteen successful applicants, of which three spots are available for persons with disabilities, will be selected for the hunt.  Please note that mobility and visually impaired applicants interested in the January hunt must apply by submitting their completed application form to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge.  Please do not apply for the hunt on the Missouri Department of Conservation website.

Applications for these hunts can be attained by clicking on the corresponding hunt date.  If you wish to apply for both hunts, please be sure to complete both applications and submit them consideration.

October 15-16, 2016  

January 7-8, 2017

All application information must be post marked on or before August 29, 2016 to be considered for one or both drawing(s). 

If there are any questions, please contact the Great River and Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuges headquarters at 573.847.2333.

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016
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