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Photo Contest Winner Announced

2013 Photo Contest Winner Kari Tyrone Congratulations to Kari Tyrone   


The 2013 photo contest sponsored by the Friends of the Desert Wildlife Refuges announced on June 15th that Kari Tyrone won viewers choice award and judges award. 


Here is what Kari had to say about her award winning moment.

"I love Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.  

As a Nevadan of over 25 years, I have enjoyed many of the amazing wild areas that surround Las Vegas. I even refer to Red Rock Canyon as "my church" after many years of weekend hikes there. My husband shares this passion for nature, so we love to go explore. Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge is one of those places we enjoyed, which led us to find Ash Meadows. Reading that both areas are crucial to migratory birds, we just had to go visit! 

I love photography as much as I love nature and wildlife, so when I found the group, Friends of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex on Facebook, I saw that they were hosting an amateur photo contest to help raise awareness for these wonderful Refuges. I just had to enter. The photos of the shorebirds, the Osprey and a close up of a wildflower were submitted, all taken at Ash Meadows. The shorebirds photo first won the popular vote, and then it won the actual contest. I was thrilled and honored. 

Go visit Ash Meadows. Learn about the endemic species of plants and wildlife. Learn how ignorance and greed almost destroyed it not that long ago. Go by the Visitors Center and meet the wonderful people who work and volunteer there. Go stare into the most amazing blue springs, see the stark contrast of the bluest of blue color against the ashy white of the ground. Smell the desert brush-scented breeze. Spot a bird of prey or a visiting Loon on Crystal Reservoir. Watch a Great Egret go fishing, and so much more! Enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature and just BE.  

You will never forget Ash Meadows." 


To see all the submissions visit the Friends of Desert Wildlife Refuges facebook page (  




Last Updated: Jun 21, 2013
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