Environmental Education

Environmental Education at the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex:


Environmental Education plays a key role in providing understanding and appreciation for the mission of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the management of the Klamath Basin Refuges.  The Refuge offers cross-curriculum lessons that focus on Birds and Wetlands. Ranger-guided programs meet a variety of Next Generation Science Standards and Environmental Literacy Standards while working in Mathematics, physical education, history and more!  

In addition to Ranger-guided programs there are many resources available on-site to meet the needs of Self Guided educational trips: Kindle Fires with field guides, dip nets, bug boxes, binoculars, and much more!  The Dave Menke Environmental Education Center is located across the street from the Visitor Center on the edge of the Discovery Marsh which provides a wonderful space for students that is conducive to learning as well.

For reservation requests or more information please contact Janelle Wicks (Walters), Environmental Education Specialist at Janelle_Walters@fws.gov or 530-667-2231.