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Numerous fish species are found in both the large and small streams on the refuge. Sampling by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in smaller streams such as Timber, Nelson, Big Dry, Little Dry, Sand, Rock and McGuire Creeks has found the following species:

bigmouth buffalo freshwater drum pearl dace walleye
black bullhead goldeye plains killifish western silvery minnow
brook stickleback      lake chub plains minnow white sucker
channel catfish longnose dace river carpsucker yellow perch
common carp longnose sucker sand shiner  
fathead minnow          northern redbelly dace        shorthead redhorse        
flathead chub northern pike smallmouth buffalo  


Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, which is responsible for monitoring and managing fish species in the Missouri and Musselshell Rivers, and the Montana Fisheries Information System list the following species:

black bullhead freshwater drum pallid sturgeon  smallmouth bass
bigmouth buffalo       goldeye plains minnow smallmouth buffalo
blue sucker *  Hybognathus spp. rainbow trout stonecat
burbot lake chub river carpsucker sturgeon chub * 
channel catfish longnose dace sand shiner walleye
common carp longnose sucker sauger *  western silvery minnow
emerald shiner northern pike shorthead redhorse white sucker
flathead chub northern redbelly dace       shovelnose sturgeon        yellow perch
firewater drum paddlefish *  sicklefin chub *   

* Species of Concern      Endangered


Last Updated: Apr 05, 2013
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