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Winter Wildlife Excursions

Wildlife Excursions ArticleWhile wildlife can be spotted on the National Elk Refuge throughout the year, winter offers prime wildlife viewing opportunities.

Winter Wildlife Excursions

The National Elk Refuge has offered wildlife excursions in the past during the winter season to those interested in a guided van tour along the Refuge Road where elk, bighorn sheep, waterfowl, and other animals can frequently be seen close to the roadway. During the 2015 / 2016 season, the refuge will not be offering guided wildlife excursions as a formal program. However, naturalists are available at the visitor center to assist anyone interested in traveling on the Refuge Road in their own vehicle. Additionally, a Refuge Road Wildlife Viewing Guide is available online or at the visitor center. The wildlife viewing guide lists driving safety and wildlife observation tips and indicates area where parking is allowed on the Refuge Road. Several additional pullouts were added to the Refuge Road during the 2015 summer season.

There are many wildlife viewing companies operating guided tours in the Jackson Hole valley. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce provides a complete listing of companies for your reference. Many of the companies listed have a special use permit to include the Refuge Road as part of their tour package.

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2015
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