YCC! Youth Conservation Corps

2012 YCC crew laying down new trail

It is as simple as this . . . without the YCC, two very main things would not get accomplished on the Refuge and in the community.  One - we would not get many of our summer projects completed on the Refuge and Two - we would be neglecting the training of our youth in many and varied important skills for their future.

  • Youth Conservation Corps

    The Department of the Interior & the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service are engaging young people across the country in conservation and energy efficiency projects on America’s public lands, to inspire and provide career pathways in natural resource occupations and related sciences, and to become better educated about the nation’s ecosystems. One way to do this is with the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC).

    YCC programs are employment opportunities for youth ages 15 - 18 on public lands and are conducted for 8-10 weeks during the summer. Environmental awareness is an integral aspect of the YCC program, with projects embracing both work and environmental learning goals. The participants spend most of their time in the outdoors.

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