Belted Kingfisher

Megaceryle alcyon
Kingfisher 520x289
A kingly looking bird with its large crest, long bill and bold colors, the belted kingfisher strikes a pose on power lines, stumps or bare branches near refuge waterways. The kingfisher uses is sharp eyesight to pinpoint small fish while hovering above the water or from a nearby perch. Once sighted, kingfishers catch their prey by diving headfirst in a spectacular display. Kingfishers often take their prey to a perch where they will beat it against a hard object before swallowing it whole. The distinctive flight and call add to identification ease. Listen for the long, dry rattle on your next refuge visit.

Facts About Belted Kingfisher

Digs long nest borrows in stream banks.

Regurgitates pellets of indigestible food materials (such as bones)

Females have a rufous-colored breast band.