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Description of Clear Lake Hunting Areas

Description of the Area
Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a remote yet beautiful reservoir located east of Tule Lake. Except for waterfowl hunting and a limited pronghorn antelope hunt, the refuge is closed to all public entry. The western shoreline of the refuge is open to waterfowl hunting. This area is not heavily hunted primarily due to the limited and difficult access.No boats are allowed. It is difficult to hunt here and the best advice is to hunt the refuge with someone who has hunted here before. Pronghorn antelope hunting is allowed in the unit known as the "U" by special drawing conducted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Directions to the Area
  •  From Highway 139 go northeast on Forest Service Road 136 which passes by the southern boundary of the refuge. Or, head to the northern end of the refuge by accessing Kowoloski Road south of Malin, Oregon.
Note: These roads are frequently in poor condition, especially after rain or snow. Four-wheel drive vehicles are highly recommended, as are cell phones.
The primary species hunted here is Canada goose. Hunting is generally poor due to the lack of cover and open nature of the area. Scouting is essential in this large, open area. Hunters should bring materials to build a temporary blind.  Boats are not permitted, trained dogs are highly recommended to retrieve downed birds.
Special Equipment
Four wheel drive vehicles, cell phone, USGS quad maps: Carr Butte/Doublehead Mtn.,
Special Regulations
Non-toxic shot is required to hunt waterfowl. No boats are allowed on the refuge. Overnight camping is prohibited on the refuge, however, the refuge is surrounded by Modoc National Forest where there is access to primitive camping. 
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017
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