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Utah Division of Water Quality

Monitoring Water Quality in the Willard Spur
American White Pelican on waters of Willard spur
Willard Spur Water Quality Study 
The Refuge is a partner with the Utah Division of Water Quality and other entities in researching and monitoring water quality in the Willard Spur of the Great Salt Lake which includes a portion of the Refuge. In 2010, the cities of Perry and Willard constructed a new wastewater treatment plant that would discharge treated water into the Willard Spur and ultimately Refuge waters. This effort began out of concern over any possible impacts to Willard Spur water quality.
To learn more about this project check the Utah Division of Water Quality's website 


Facts About Utah Division of Water Quality

Water quality throughout the Bear River Watershed is a priority for the Refuge as, ultimately, everything flows into and through the Refuge wetlands.
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2012
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