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Waterfowl Banding

Banding geese and ducks on the Refuge
Refuge student employee Ruben holding recently banded Mallard

Waterfowl Banding
The Refuge has assisted the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for the past several years in their Canada goose banding program. Several hundred Canada geese have been banded on the refuge since 2010.

Additionally, Bear River Refuge was requested by the Regional Migratory Bird office in Denver to participate in a cinnamon teal banding project along with several other locations in the West. Data on cinnamon teal are minimal as they are generally not banded in large numbers. Cinnamon teal is a priority management species on Bear River Refuge. Hopefully by participating in this project, the refuge can contribute to increased knowledge of cinnamon teal.

No duck banding has been done on the refuge for many years and we anticipated that this year would be more of a learning year. Our initial efforts this year were slow getting off the ground and primarily involved purchasing equipment and building traps. We began a limited trapping effort in early August and continued through the month. We also conducted 2 nights of spotlighting using an airboat. No cinnamon teal were captured. However we did band 38 mallards, 12 gadwall, 15 American green-winged teal and 2 northern pintail. We plan to continue next year and should be more successful based on what we learned this year.


Facts About Waterfowl Banding

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and its division of Migratory Birds, along with the U.S. Geological Survey's Banding Lab, has been using bird banding for many years to learn about avian population trends, migratory patterns, habitat preference and more. You can learn more HERE. 
Last Updated: Dec 05, 2012
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