Northern Raccoon

Procyon lotor
This masked mammal is drawn to the rich aquatic foodsources available at the refuge/Photo Courtesy of Suzy Whittey
Highly inquisitive and often nocturnal, this masked mammal is drawn to shiny objects and anything that may be eaten. Northern raccoons have a diverse diet and will eat nearly anything, including human trash. Its sensitive paws and nimble toes help it probe under rocks and in crevasses. Often found feeding near streams, wetlands or mudflats you may witness what appears to be a raccoon “washing” its food. Scientists now believe that the water enhances the raccoon’s sense of touch, helping this mammal to locate edible bits.

Facts About Northern Raccoon

Have thousands of nerve endings in their front paws and toes

Walk on their heels like humans and leave unusually large tracks

Weigh just 2 ounces at birth