Why Visit Ash Meadows?

Just around the corner

"One of the most important natural areas on the North American continent" according to the Nature Conservancy and it's all just around the corner.

Where else have you seen plants and animals that don't exist anywhere else on the planet?

Have you ever seen natural caribbean blue spring pools in the middle of the desert?

Did you know that we are a birders paradise with nearly 300 species recorded so far?

Do you want to see species of fish that existed when mammoths walked upon the earth?



Don't take our word for it....


"Ash Meadows is the birthplace of the movement to save desert fishes", Donald W. Sada, Desert Research Institute


"The  many distinct species and subspecies of pupfish that have evolved in isolated aquatic islands of the Death Valley System provide scientists with a small scale natural laboratory similar to the Galapagos Islands that so strongly influenced the thinking of Charles Darwin", David L. Soltz; Our Disappearing Desert Fishes, The Nature Conservancy News, 1979


"A true oasis, this...refuge embraces the type of spring-fed wetlands and alkaline desert uplands that development has rendered rarer than usual in the arid Southwest", Audubon-2003


"[Pupfish]...represent one of the most striking examples of evolutionary change now to be found on our planet.  Their research potential in genetics and evolutionary studies is enormous....", Sterling Bunnell, Pupfish of the Death Valley Region: The Desert Pupfish.  California Tomorrow, 1970.