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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is it?  Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center/Headquarters is located 50 miles south of Albuquerque, New Mexico and is about ¼ mile west of Interstate 25 at exit 169.

When was it established?  December 28, 1973

How big is it?  230,000 acres.

Why is it here?  The refuge was originally established “to preserve and enhance the integrity and the natural character of the ecosystems of the property by creating a wildlife refuge managed as nearly as possible in its natural state.”  Thus the refuge is not managed for selected segments of the nation’s wildlife but for the natural processes—flood and fire, for example.

What can I do there?  Visitors can enjoy wildlife-dependent activities; including wildlife watching, environmental education and interpretation programs, hunting, nature trails, and wildlife photography.

Are pets allowed?  Pets are allowed on the refuge but must be under control at all times.  

Can I bring and release wildlife on the refuge?  Releasing any animal (wildlife or unwanted pets) on the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge is illegal and subject to a fine.

What is a biome?
A biome is a regional ecosystem with distinct types of vegetation, animals and microbes that have developed under specific soil and climatic conditions.  The result:  an area with a remarkable array of plant and animal life.