Educator Guide: Where the River Meets the Sound

"Where the River Meets the Sound," an educator's guide to Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge offers complete information about field trip planning, preparation and pre-field trip activities. It has background information about the indoor and trail activities offered while at the Refuge and about post field trip activities. All activities are matched with Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs).

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually NWR

    Welcome Educator page 1
    The US Fish and Wildlife Service page 2
    Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge page 4
    A History of the Nisqually Delta page 5
    Refuge Management page 7
    Map of the Refuge page 8
    Seasons of the Refuge page 9
    Seasonal Scheduling page 10
    Hiking Trail Descriptions page 11
    Habitats of the Refuge page 12
    Birds of the Refuge page 19
    Mammals of the Refuge page 23
    Plants of the Refuge page 25

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  • Chapter 2: Field Trip Preperation

    EE Goals and Objectives page 29
    Key Concepts page 30
    Refuge Resources and Assistance page 31
    Refuge Facilities page 32
    Making a Reservation page 34
    Guidelines for Refuge Field Trips page 35
    Checklist for Field Trip page 36
    Group Management Tips page 37
    Medical Considerations page 38

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