Visitor Activities


Come out and enjoy McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge!

  • Hunting

    Waterfowl hunting opportunities are available seasonally.  Blue and green-winged teal, mottled ducks, gadwall, scaup, and shoveler are a few of the species hunted on McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge.  Large portions of the refuge are open to hunters free of charge.  Elsewhere, for $10 a day, hunters can reserve spaced hunt areas that can be accessed on foot or by boat.  An accessible hunt blind is also available and can be reserved. All hunters are reminded that marsh conditions are dynamic.  Hunters should scout units before hunting and use extreme caution when boating to hunt units.  

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  • Fishing/Crabbing

    Red drum, flounder, alligator gar, blue catfish, and blue crab are but a few of the species that draw many fishing and crabbing enthusiasts to the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge. Whether you are crabbing or fishing from one of the public use structures on Clam Lake, or along the intra-coastal waterway, the refuge offers excellent opportunities for families to enjoy the outdoors.  Keep in mind, boats can have motors up to 25HP and a 9inch or less propeller.

    McFaddin Fishing and Crabbing Regulations

  • Wildlife Watching and Nature Trails

    Five miles of interior roads on the refuge provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, as well as access to various boat ramps, fishing piers, and observation platforms.  Watch and listen for clapper rails in the marsh and geese overhead.  

  • Wildlife Photography

    Nearly 12 million people visit outdoor areas each year to photograph wildlife and national wildlife refuges are naturally at the top of the list.  McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge provides excellent opportunities to capture images of alligators, waterfowl, warblers and many other species that call the refuge home.