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Birding Basics: Learning to See

April 13 and 26, and May 31.common yellowthroat 150x118

What subtle cues do experienced birders use to quickly and accurately identify species?  Birding is nothing less than the art of seeing, so the techniques used by birders increase awareness of all things natural.  Refuge Ranger Michael Schramm will guide you through the estuary's diverse habitats on an odyssey of avian discovery, all the while teaching the ins and outs of birding.  

Meet at the landing overlooking the pond at the Visitor Center - and remember to bring binoculars!

9am-11am.  All Guided Programs are free and open to the public (standard Refuge entrance fee still applies).  There is no limit on number of program attendees. 

Page Photo Credits — common yellowthroat, ©Bryan Peterson
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2014
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