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Hunting is a very popular activity on the Refuge and is one of the six wildlife dependent recreational activities that Congress declared were appropriate for Refuges.

Why We Allow Hunting

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Hunting Info

The Refuge is a winter range for white-tailed deer, and during the early season most of the deer are still down in the valley or at higher elevations. Mule deer, elk, moose, and bear are scattered and relatively uncommon.

Waterfowl hunting is allowed on all the lakes and ponds, but all streams are closed to waterfowl hunting. Trapping is not permitted.

See the current Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hunting pamphlets for information on state regulations.

Various terrain and wildlife habitats include small fields, numerous creeks and steep wooded hillsides up to 5,600 feet in elevation. Map and compass use is recommended. The USGS maps that include the Refuge are: Addy Mountain., Cliff Ridge, Calispell Peak, Park Rapids, Lake Gillette, and a small portion of Timber Mountain.

There are numerous in-holdings (privately owned land) within the Refuge boundary. It is the hunter’s responsibility to know their location.

While hunting, please help us keep the Refuge clean and safe for all visitors.

 Harvest Information Requested 

To help monitor populations, the Refuge biologist may collect harvest information on deer and your cooperation is appreciated. We will be collecting grouse wings this year. 

Camping is Allowed on the Refuge

Campgrounds are open April 14 through December 31, and have vault toilets and metal fire rings. There are no fees and campsites are available on a first come-first serve basis. Dispersed camping is allowed at designated hunt camp sites from October 1 through December 31. Campgrounds have a 7 day camping limit within a 30 day consecutive period from April 14 through August 31; there is a 14 day camping limit within a 30 day consecutive period from September 1 through December 31. Dispersed hunt camp sites have a 14 day camping limit within a 30 day consecutive period from October 1 through December 31.