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Pelicans 512219Its location on Lake Texoma and within the Central Flyway ensures Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge is host or home to an amazing diversity of wildlife species.

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge has a diversity of habitats: forests, tallgrass prairie, riverine bottomland hardwoods, and wetland habitats. These habitats support thousands of migratory birds, prize-winning bucks, a myriad of singing frogs, and even a few endangered species every year.

Check out our gallery of refuge residents by clicking the links below:

A gallery for Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Birds can be viewed in a Flickr account here.

The refuge has recently started this project and will be actively updating the gallery. Please check back for more photos as we attempt to document the refuge's species!

Endangered/Threatened Species   


Page Photo Credits — © William H. Powell
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017
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