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Traveling Trunks

The Refuge has many fun and educational activities designed for teachers and educators who may not be able to visit the Refuge with their students.  Ranging in subjects from water quality and predators to birds and mammals, the traveling trunks are an excellent way to learn about the Refuge and natural resources from your classroom.  To check out a trunk for your class, call the Refuge at 435.734.6425

  • Wetland Wonders Watershed Kit

    Watershed Wonders Traveling Trunk

    Filled with aquatic toys and tools for students and teachers to learn and explore with, the Wetland Wonders Watershed Kit has everything an Educator needs to teach about water, wetlands and the watershed. The kit has water quality testing materials, wetland games, and many other activities specific to learning about the Bear River watershed and the Great Salt Lake basin.

  • Build-A-Bird Trunk

    Visiting youngsters playing Build-a-Bird

    Build-a-bird is a fun, interactive game for younger students to learn about bird adaptations.  Using human tools, toys and clothing as metaphors - students "build" a bird out by dressing up one of their fellow students...each piece of clothing representing a specific and unique bird adaptation.

  • Migration Matters

    Students play Migration Matters

    Migration Matters, or Migration Madness as it is sometimes called, is an exciting, outdoor game that gives the students a chance to become a migratory bird.  Each student becomes a specific species of bird and runs across a field or playground set-up to be a migratory flyway.  They honk and chirp and flap their wings to get safely to wetland habitat for food, water and a quick rest...and then are off again to try to reach their migration destination.

Last Updated: May 18, 2012
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