Programs & Events

Visitors learn about Bald Eagles during a special event

Bear River and the Friends of the Bear River Refuge host many special programs and events throughout the year.  From open house events like Owl Day and Earth Day, to Refuge System-wide celebrations like International Migratory Bird Day, the Wildlife Education Center is a great place for the family to stop-in for a special event.  

  • 2nd Saturday Events

    Comparing eyes with an owl for OWL DAY!

    Each year in January, February, March, April and May (usually the 2nd Saturday of each month) we have a special event to enjoy and educate about a special bird species here on the Refuge.  January is all about Owls.  February is for Bald Eagles and March is to celebrate the return of the Tundra swans. April focuses on Earth Day and in May we celebrate International Migratory Bird Day. We hope to see you there!

  • Stay updated!

    Refuge staff and volunteers, along with Blue Goose, ride a float for Peach Days!

    The best place to keep updated on our upcoming events and special programs is by following us on Facebook or Twitter.