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Environmental Education

Young students learn about macro-invertebrates and water quality

Bear River's Wildlife Education Center and Environmental Education staff are second to none. Teaching our youth, and all visitors, about the natural world we live in is one of the prime objectives of the Refuge. For more information, check out our page Just for Educators, or download our Environmental Education brochure.

  • Mountain Wilds to Wetland Wonders

    On the trail, learning about deer antlers

    Bear River's premiere environmental education program, teaching Utah 4th graders about natural resources such as watershed and water quality, conservation, invasive species and more. The students enjoy two field trips, visiting the Refuge in the spring and the Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area in the fall, with bridging activities in their classrooms between visits.

  • Wetland Wings & Other Wild Things

    Our youngest visitors learning about birds

    Through a partnership with the Ogden Nature Center, the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge offers local families, preschool and daycare student’s opportunities for discovery through our Wetland Wings and other Wild Things program. This age-appropriate curriculum focuses on connecting children with their natural world. Parents and teachers rave about this engaging education program. “I really liked having this class for my 3-year old.” “A very fun program, my son loves that bird refuge!” The naturalists from the Ogden Nature Center an integral part of the Wetland Wings program; they bring the lessons to life! For more information, please call 435-734-6438

  • Scouting programs

    Scouts helping keep the Refuge clean!

    From helping scouts earn their Eagle badges to encouraging dens to help the Refuge with a conservation project, Bear River Bird Refuge is an excellent place for scouts to learn and grow. The Refuge no longer offers Ranger-led Scout programs, however, "Scout Folders" are available any time the Wildlife Education Center is open. These folders were designed just for Scouts and aligned with scouting badge requirements in a fun and educational way. Leaders CLICK HERE to download our Scout folder .PDF file. For more information please call, 435-734-6426

  • Wildlife Education Center

    Visitor enjoying the Wildlife Education Center with a scavenger hunt

    The Refuge has a state-of-the art, fun and interactive Wildlife Education Center designed for all to enjoy and learn during their visit. With educational exhibits, two theaters, scavenger hunts and interpretive trails, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2015
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