North Louisiana Refuge Complex
Southeast Region
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Hunting & Fishing Regulations


D'Arbonne Hunting and Fishing Regulations (PDF 220 KB)

Upper Ouachita Hunting and Fishing Regulations (PDF 159 KB)

Black Bayou Lake Hunting and Fishing Regulations (PDF 109 KB)

Red River Hunting and Fishing Regulations (PDF 484 KB)

When printed off and signed the hunting pamphlets above will act as an official Refuge Hunting Permit for that year.



Signs and Boundaries

Signs are useful tools in regulating the use of a public area. The wordings of the signs apply to the areas behind the signs. Pay attention to the signs, watch for boundary corners, and check your location with the maps.

NWSR Boundary Sign

This sign marks the outer refuge boundary. Public entry by foot is generally authorized at all times on D'Arbonne and Upper Ouachita Refuges. However, other refuges in the system may have different regulations concerning general entry. Always know the regulations before entering.

This sign means that the area is closed to all entry. Do not trespass behind this sign for any reason other than emergency.

Area Beyond This Sign Closed Sign


No Vehicles Sign


This sign means that motorized vehicles are not to be driven past it. This applies to all cars, trucks, jeeps, all-terrain vehicles, and motorcycles. Non-motorized bicycles are allowed. This sign marks the boundaries of the waterfowl hunting areas. This is the only area of the refuge where waterfowl hunting is allowed. Waterfowl Hunting Area Sign


Last updated: January 20, 2016