Red River National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region


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Connecting Children with Nature through Summer Camps

Boy using binoculars to look for wildlife. Credit: Terri Jacobson, USFWS

Watching wildlife from the deck at the Headquarter's unit of Red River Refuge. Credit: Terri Jacobson, USFWS

Staff from Red River NWR, trained volunteers, skilled naturalists, experienced educators, and biologists will lead four summer camps this June. The Friends of Red River National Wildlife Refuge are sponsoring the camps and are offering camp scholarships to those in need. Other camp partners include: Gearhead Outfitters, Wild Bird Center of Shreveport, The Bird Study Group, The North Louisiana Fly Fishers, The Bayou Chapter of the Ozark Society, and the Department of Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries. Thanks to a grant from Outdoor Nation, we are able to purchase canoes for summer camp!

"Let Nature Be Your Teacher." -- William Wordsworth


Last updated: April 16, 2014