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Looking for Your Project's Review Status?

Please allow a minimum of 30-days from date of project submission to our office before inquiring as to your project's review status. This allows time for your project submission to be received, complete intake processing, and staff assignment and initial review. Requests are placed in different process tracks (technical assistance, informal consultations or formal consultations) and generally handled on a first-in, first-out basis within those tracks. However, these timelines assume all information required for us to complete our review/consultation is provided and no additional information is requested. Such requests for additional information, clarification or incomplete submissions can result in the temporary suspension of review timelines. If you have not heard from us after 30-days, for quickest response submit a status request via e-mail to jaxregs @, or you may call our Project Consultation Section at 904.731.3203.

North Florida Federally-Listed Species

Species are listed as they occur within our Service field office area of responsibility.
* indicates National Recovery Lead
** indicates Regional Recovery Lead
*** Candidate Species Note 1

black graphic pointer - pointing to right Species: North Florida Counties black graphic pointer - pointing to right Species: South Florida Counties black graphic pointer - pointing to right Species: Panhandle Counties








  • None at this time


Note 1. Candidate species receive no statutory protection under the ESA. The FWS encourages cooperative conservation efforts for these species because they are, by definition, species that may warrant future protection under the ESA.

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Last updated: February 7, 2018