North Florida Ecological Services Office
Southeast Region

"Sea Turtles Dig The Dark"

"Sea Turtles Dig The Dark" is a 30-second public service announcement asking beachfront homeowners to do their part in reducing beach lighting during the sea turtle nesting season. Files are available in MPEG, Realmedia, and Windows Media File formats.

Nesting season for southeast Florida is from March through October. For the remainder of the Southeastern United States it is May through October.

Realmedia® (RM) versions

Windows® Media File (WMV) versions

MPEG (MPG) versions


BetaSP and miniDV tape is available to television stations by calling 904-731-3332 or by providing shipping information to the Public Information Office via e-mail

Brochure - "What You Can Do to Help Sea Turtles" - PDF 324KB

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Last updated: November 20, 2019