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UPDATED: May 14, 2014

USFWS Section 7 Consultation for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) and CLOMR_F Letters of Request

IMPORTANT UPDATE: FEMA is longer accepting a programmatic clearance letter in support of CLOMR or CLOMR_F Letters of Request. As such, the previous programmatic clearance letter is no longer available. FEMA now requires our consultation letter be specific to each project. Therefore private and public landowners, project managers/planners, and/or consultants will need to submit a clearance request to the Service and FEMA for each project.

Originally designed to assist private small parcel landowners and businesses, the programmatic clearance letter outlined details and specific scenarios and criteria where additional Service review was not considered necessary.

That said, the following information has been updated and is provided to aid in your development of a clearance request.

Clearance request may be submitted via email to jaxregs @ - go to our Landowner and Consultant Tools web page for consultation submission instructions and information.

Clearance Letter Requests

All of the following items must be addressed in your clearance request to USFWS and FEMA in order for both agencies to make an appropriate determination of effect, or for the USFWS to concur with FEMA’s initial determination of effect.

1. A description of the action to be considered;

2. A description of the specific area that may be affected by the action; this includes the total acreage of the project site and the amount of impact acreage; and an aerial photo with the project footprint delineated on the graphic;

3. A description of any listed species or critical habitat that may be affected by the action;

4. A description of the manner in which the action may affect any listed species or critical habitat and an analysis of any cumulative effects;

5. Relevant reports, including any environmental impact statement, environmental assessment, biological assessment prepared; and surveys conducted;

6. Any other relevant available information on the action, the affected listed species, or critical habitat.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at jaxregs @ Our agency appreciates your cooperation in the protection of Federally-listed species in Florida.

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