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Image of Fanning Spring after 2010 restoration - manatees in water.

Fanning Spring after restoration 2010 (photo credit: Ron Mezich FWC)

Coastal Program

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Coastal Program is a voluntary and non-regulatory program whose mission is to efficiently achieve habitat conservation through financial and technical assistance for the benefit of at-risk and Federal Trust Species. Funding from the Coastal Program is used to leverage additional partners and resources for the restoration of wetlands and uplands on public and privately-owned lands. The Coastal Program operates through 24 offices located along our nation's Atlantic, Gulf, Pacific, and Great Lakes coasts and in the Caribbean. The North Florida Coastal Program, based in Jacksonville, funds projects in coastal watersheds on the East Coast from the Altamaha River in Georgia to Brevard County in Florida, and on Florida's West coast from Taylor County to Sarasota County (see map below for focal areas).

map depicting th3e North Florida coastal focal areas

North Florida Coastal Program Focal Areas

Coastal Program Awards

The Coastal Program awards (usually between $10,000 and $25,000) to implement restoration efforts. Highest priority projects are those that restore native habitat and provide long-term benefits to at-risk and Federal Trust Species. At-risk species are species proposed or petitioned for federal listing, but whose status is still being evaluated (i.e., we are trying to avoid the need to list them). See the USFWS Region 4 website for more information about At-Risk Species and an At-Risk Species Finder.

Please feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable contacts listed below to learn about our program. Coastal Program staff also help coordinate and plan large-scale restoration efforts and strengthen relationships with partners. Examples of common project types include:

  • Gulf oil spill project development and coordination
  • Restoring saltmarshes, freshwater wetlands, and springs
  • Coastal upland restoration
  • Conservation land acquisition and enhancement
  • Living shoreline projects
  • Facilitating large-scale restoration partnerships, such as Northeast Estuarine Restoration Team (NERT) and East Coast Estuarine Restoration Team (ECERT)


Coastal Program Project Examples

Aerial view of F.I.S.H. Preserve Restoration Project

Aerial view of F.I.S.H. Preserve Restoration Project during construction in 2015 (photo credit: Jay Leverone, Sarasota Bay Estuary Program)


Coastal habitat restoration using prescribed burning

Coastal habitat restoration using prescribed burning at Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve in 2012.


Table showing images for two living shoreline projects
Living SHorelines Projects with Tampa Bay Watch, MacDill Airforce Base Fantasy Island oyster reef project
Projects with Tampa Bay Watch, MacDill Airforce Base living shoreline 2017 (left) (photo credit: Katie Conrad, USFWS) Fantasy Island oyster reef project 2017 (right) (photo credit: Peter Plague, USFWS)


Florida Regional Contacts

Coastal Programs in Other Areas

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Last updated: November 20, 2019