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Camille Sims
Camille Sims in a kayak

2011 Career Discovery Internship Program

Camille Sims

My name is Camille Sims. I attend Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg Virginia; I am focusing on a double major in Wildlife Biology and Environmental Sciences. My career goal is to work for the Fish and Wildlife Service as a wildlife biologist and also work in the Division of Ecological Service. My interests are: biology, ecology, conservation, and wildlife!

What I hope to gain from this CDIP internship is basically learn something new in the field I am interested in pursing.  I want to learn as much as possible from the people who hold the positions I desire. I want to make new friends and network with people to let them know how serious I am about conservation, wildlife, and working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I want to be a part of something positive and big, that helps make a difference for everyone. And I think this is a great opportunity to help me get started in a career in conservation. 

I have always had a deep passion for the world around me and the things within it. That was my driving force applying for the CDIP.  I knew if I was given the opportunity I would be pushed out of my comfort zone and be able to grow and experience new things. I wanted something more fulfilling. I went out of my way to research opportunities so I could experience something new!

Before this journey began with CDIP I lived in the suburbs of Woodbridge, Virginia. I lived in a townhouse, and behind my house was some sort of grassland or meadow. We had lots of deer, fox, groundhogs, and other wildlife in our backyard. I remember when I was young I had a group of neighborhood friends, and one day we were playing outside and we saw bulldozers and construction machines tearing down our backyard. I was hurt watching this occur as the construction workers destroyed our meadow.

I had an idea, and influenced my friends to try to stop the construction workers with me! (Keep in mind I was still very young) I had gotten an idea that we could stop this from happening by pulling the wooded post that surrounded the perimeter of the meadow, throwing rocks at the bulldozers, and disrupt the organization the construction workers had and delay the process. However, an elderly woman in the neighborhood saw me and my friends disrupting the construction workers, and she called the police!

The Officer explained that what we were doing was considered a crime, not to mention, dangerous. I know now what I did as a young girl was wrong. From my experience I later learned that there are better and more tactful ways of handling these situations. I learned that by working with agencies such as the USFWS I can help defend and conserve land, natural resources, and wildlife in a proper, safe, and legal way! From that youthful experience my love for nature blossomed.

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Last updated: November 29, 2011
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