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Maddie List

Madeleine List

Madeleine List is currently a senior at Amherst Regional High School in Amherst, Massachusetts. She was born and raised in Amherst, but has been all over the world. Madeleine loves to travel and is very adventurous. She enjoys many outdoor activities like rock climbing, backpacking, surfing and scuba diving. While on her travels, Madeleine always has her trusty camera with her to photograph her adventures.

This summer, Madeleine worked as an intern at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where she got to put her passion for photography to good use. She took photographs at different wildlife refuges, conducted interviews and wrote articles for the Northeast Region’s website.  Madeleine will graduate from high school this spring and plans to go to college. In the future, she hopes to continue to travel and do photography. She is not sure what she wants to study in college or what she will do when she graduates, but she knows for sure that she wants to help make the world a better place.

Many of Madeleine's photos are located on the Northeast Region's Flickr page. Check out this recent Photo of the Week taken by Madeleine: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region -

Maddie's Intern Experience

Nature and photography have always been two huge passions of mine. The External Affairs department at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided me with the opportunity to combine both these interests into a meaningful internship. Through my internship at Fish and Wildlife, I was exposed to many great experiences that helped me explore my interests and figure out my strengths and weaknesses. Working at the Service, I met many great people, learned new things and had a lot of fun.

External Affairs was the perfect department for me because it allowed me to experiment with my interest in journalism. I had the chance to write some articles that were posted on the Northeast Region webpage, which was a huge thrill for me. I also got many opportunities to go out into the field. Possibly my favorite outing was an excursion with another intern and a Youth Conservation Corps crew, (a group of teenagers who work for the USFWS on various environmental projects). We went out in canoes to pull invasive water chestnuts from a lake in Easthampton, Massachusetts. It was my job to take photographs of the kids working and interview them about their summers with YCC. Afterwards, I wrote an article about the crew and posted an album of photos on the USFWS Flickr site. Some of my other duties included uploading photos to the national digital library and organizing our Flickr site.

I would not have had all these great experiences if it weren’t for the amazing people in External Affairs. The people I worked with always made sure I had an interesting project to work on and were constantly suggesting opportunities for me to go out and take pictures. The other interns that I worked with were also very kind and often invited me to go along with them into the field. They were always eager to teach me new things and share their experiences with me. Coming into the Service, I was amazed at how friendly and welcoming everyone was to me. Every person I passed in the hallways, whether I new them or not, always said hello and smiled. Even outside the office, someone I had never met recognized me, came up to me, introduced themselves and shook my hand. I immediately felt like I was part of a family:  a huge, diverse family of some of the nicest and most interesting people I have ever met. It is because of them that I had such a great experience at the Service.

My internship at the USFWS was not only a great summer job but also a learning experience. It gave me the chance to use my love of photography and improve my skills as a photographer as well as a journalist. It was incredible to have my articles and photographs published online so that anyone can view them. Working with the Service has opened up so many great opportunities for me in future. I will not only have the chance to work for the Service again, but my experience here will help me get into college and get other jobs in the future. I want to thank everyone at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for welcoming me and giving me such a great experience. I would recommend this job to anyone, and I’m sure I will be back.

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Last updated: November 29, 2010
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