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Algae Culture

Biofence growing algaeARCC biologists use state-of-the-art technology (Biofence; Varicon Aqua Solutions) to grow a special live algal mix designed to maximize the growth and survival of juvenile mussels. The Biofence, also called aWater carboys full of green algae tubular photo-bioreactor, is a continuous culture system that uses narrow culture tubes that allow maximum light penetration for photosynthesis. An automated control system adds carbon dioxide and growth media allowing for continuous harvest without opening the culture to potential contamination. Each Biofence produces over 25 gallons of dense algal cultures every day that can centrifuged down to a paste and either used to grow mussels at White Sulphur Springs National Fish Hatchery (WSSNFH) or shipped to other facilities across the country. Experiments conducted at WSSNFH have significantly higher growth rates for juvenile mussels fed our live algal diet compared to commercially available algal diets.

Last updated: September 3, 2010
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