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Endangered Species: Project Reviews in Virginia Project Review Steps

Step 8 - Project Review Package

A. If the ESA section 7 determination for any species or critical habitat is "may affect" (except the NLEB), submit the project review package to this office for review. Attach the Review Request Letter (MS Word Format) and provide all requested information as indicated in table below.  We will respond when we receive a complete project review package.

B. If the ESA section 7 determination for all species (except the NLEB under the final 4(d) rule) and critical habitat is “no effect” or “not likely to adversely affect”, print the Self-Certification Letter (PDF).

  • Federal agencies:
    • For "no effect" determinations - not required to contact the Service or provide documentation below to complete consultation requirements.
    • For "not likely to adversely affect" determinations," - are required to submit a copy of the online project review certification letter and the project review package with all requested information as indicated in table below to complete consultation requirements. 
  • Non-federal applicants: regardless of the determination - must submit a copy of this letter and the project review package for this certification to be valid.

Items to include in the project review package and the associated step:

Project Review Step Items to Include in Project Review Package Submission Is Item Required

Step 1 & Step 2

Official Species List from IPaC (include map showing the action area) required
Step 3 VDGIF and VDCR-DNH (correspondence or database review results) if applicable
Step 4 Habitat Assessment or Species Surveys if applicable
Step 7a & 7b Species Conclusion Table required
Step 8 Review Request Letter or Self-Certification Letter required
  Other documentation to support your conclusions if applicable

If you are required to submit the project review package to this office, submit project review packages electronically to Your email submission subject line should state "Review Request Letter" or "Self-Certification Letter" and then the project name. All project reviews will receive a return receipt to inform you that your project has been successfully submitted to this office. Any single email, including attachments, must be smaller than 25 MB. If a single email would be larger than 25 MB, provide the attachments by sending multiple emails (use the same subject line in all emails related to an individual project). If this is not practical, please mail a DVD containing the project review package to our office:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Virginia Field Office
6669 Short Lane
Gloucester, Virginia 23061

Maintain a complete copy of the project review package in your files since it will serve as part of your official record of compliance.

If you have questions or comments concerning this process, please contact Troy Andersen at (804) 824-2428 or via email at

Step 1 - Action Area
Step 2 - Official Species List
Step 3 - State Coordination
Step 4 - Suitable Habitat
Step 5 - Critical Habitat
Step 6 - Bald Eagles
Step 7a - Determinations
Step 7b - NLEB Determinations
Step 8 - Project Review Package

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