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Endangered Species: Project Reviews in Virginia Project Review Steps


  1. To generate an Official Species List log into IPaC.
  2. Once in IPaC, follow the steps to identify project action area (see Step 2 for additional information).
  3. Provide requested project information and request an Official Species List.
  4. An Official Species List will not have a “not for consultation” watermark.

Species list with 'not for consultation' watermark next to Official Species List

  1. Once an Official Species List has been generated, download the template for the ESA Section 7 Determination Table and transfer all species and critical habitat listed on the Official Species List to the first column. You will complete other columns in this table as you progress through additional steps in this online project review process. Continue to Step 3b.
  2. If there are no listed species on the Official Species List, proceed to Step 5.

Consultation Package Builder (CPB) went live in IPaC on December 29, 2020. CPB is a tool that guides you through evaluating and documenting your project's potential effects on species protected by the Endangered Species Act. At this time, our office is not requiring the use of CPB by any individual seeking review or approval of their project in Virginia by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. You can exit the IPaC review process after completing steps 1&2 to avoid the use of CPB in step 3. After exiting the IPaC review process, please continue using our online review process to complete building your project package.

Please note that our office is working to develop guidance on when it is appropriate to use CPB to evaluate and document your project's potential effects on listed species. We will post this guidance to our website when it becomes available. In the interim, CPB can be used as a learning tool for individuals new to Endangered Species Act consultations or those looking to enhance their understanding of the consultation process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office via email at


Online Project Review Introduction
Step 1: Description of Action
Step 2: Action Area
Step 3a: Official Species List
Step 3b: Northern Long-Eared Bat
Step 3c: Critical Habitat
Step 4: Suitable Habitat
Step 5: Determinations
Step 6: Project Review Package

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