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Endangered Species: Project Reviews in Virginia Project Review Steps

To determine how elements of your project may interact with listed or proposed species and/or their habitats, a detailed account of all project elements is necessary. Provide a detailed project description including:

  1. Timing
  2. Location
  3. Scope (e.g., installation of rip rap scour protection)
  4. Size
  5. Methods
  6. Equipment and materials being used
  7. Engineering specifications
  8. Measures intended to avoid or minimize adverse impacts to listed species and their habitat, and to critical habitat
  9. Photos of the area and equipment, maps, diagrams, etc.
  10. Any other details that are pertinent to understanding the action in its entirety 

Attach the detailed project description to your consultation package for submission.
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Online Project Review Introduction
Step 1: Description of Action
Step 2: Action Area
Step 3a: Official Species List
Step 3b: Northern Long-Eared Bat
Step 3c: Critical Habitat
Step 4: Suitable Habitat
Step 5: Determinations
Step 6: Project Review Package

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