Conservation Science
Northeast Region
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Science Applications

Science Applications works to expand the availability of science and technology relevant to the Northeast conservation community, ensure the quality of scientific information we use in decision-making and continually build our capacity to integrate emerging science into our work. Key efforts include:

  • Connecting the complementary efforts of all FWS programs toward common goals for all species.

  • Supporting development and operation of Landscape Conservation Cooperatives as a way of bringing all willing conservation partners together to develop common species outcomes, share science needs and capabilities, develop common landscape designs, and develop conservation tools to ensure the future of fish and wildlife populations.

  • Ensuring that the science foundation of our conservation efforts considers the uncertainty of future limiting factors such as land use and, especially, climate change.

  • Working to continually strengthen relationships and conservation efforts between FWS and partners.

  • Providing FWS managers with the planning tools, models, and science from LCCs and other sources to continually refine our application of the Strategic Habitat Conservation framework.

Last updated: May 27, 2016