Conservation Science Team

There is an increasing need to enhance coordination and communication among U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) programs and between Service programs and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) for the implementation of a science-driven, Strategic Habitat Conservation (SHC) approach in the Northeast Region. Increasing participation from Service programs with Northeast Region LCCs will help identify and communicate field priorities and management needs. Service resource programs including Ecological Services, Fisheries, Migratory Birds, Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration and National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs) have extensive technical and scientific expertise to contribute and will more fully benefit from the work of LCCs with greater involvement and understanding. Regional Science Applications staff are available to help integrate regional science needs and approaches but need a way to coordinate efficiently with programs. A standing Northeast Region Conservation Science Team would more fully integrate Service programs with LCCs and Science Applications to ensure a coordinated science-driven approach to conservation.

The Conservation Science Team is composed of a small group of people who will sit on the team for two-year (staggered) terms, with a chair person, who represent all programs across the region. The team will reach out beyond its core membership and form standing or short-term sub-teams of other Service staff and partners to address specific issues.

For more information read the Conservation Science Team charter or contact Rick Bennett.

Conservation Science Team Members
Julie Slacum Thompson Chesapeake Bay Field Office Ecological Services 410-573-4595
Diane Lynch Regional Office Ecological Services 413-253-8628
Mike Millard Northeast Fisheries Center Fisheries 570-726-4247 ext. 113
Dave Perkins Regional Office Fisheries 413-253-8405
Sadie Stevens Regional Office Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration 413-253-8677
Randy Dettmers Regional Office Migratory Birds 413-253-8567
Jan Taylor Regional Office National Wildlife Refuge System 413-253-8534
Rick Bennett Regional Office Science Applications 413-253-8305