Peer Review

In order to ensure the quality and credibility of the scientific information we disseminate to the public, the Fish and Wildlife Service has implemented a formal "peer review" process for influential and highly influential scientific documents.

More information on this subject is available at the Service's Information Quality web site. In addition, the Office of Management and Budget has published government-wide guidance to ensure the practice of peer review of government science documents.

Part of the peer review process is to provide information on the Web about how each peer review is to be conducted, as described in this checklist.

Peer Review Agenda
We have identified the following Northeast Region documents as meeting the OMB criteria for peer review of influential or highly influential scientific information. Click on a title to get more information about that document and the peer review process we have planned for it. This list will be updated as necessary.

For more information, contact: Dr. Rick Bennett, Regional Scientist, (413) 253-8273

Posting Date  Document Title 
May 2013 Non- Influential Peer Review Plan for the Methodologies to Evaluate and Develop Minimum Recommended Survey Effort for Indiana Bats
October 2012 Red Knot Peer Review Plan
October 2012 Diamond Darter Peer Review Plan
Date of Completion Document Title
January 2012 When experts disagree (and better science won't help much): Using structured deliberations to support endangered species recovery planning
September 2008 Diurnal Habitat Relationships of Canada Lynx in an Intensively Managed Private Forest Landscape in Northern Maine
September 2008 Spatial Ecology of a Canada Lynx Population in Northern Maine
September 2008 Within-Stand Selection of Canada Lynx Natal Dens in Northwest Maine, USA