Northeast Region
Conserving the Nature of America
Atlantic salmon parr. Credit: E. Peter Steenstra/USFWS

Restoring Fish Populations

The Service’s fisheries program helps maintain healthy populations of coastal and anadromous fish (fish that spend part of their lives in the ocean and spawn in fresh water), fish species that cross state or national boundaries, and endangered aquatic animals and their habitats.

In the Northeast Region, 25 fish hatcheries and fishery management offices work with states, tribes and other partners to restore and protect a variety of fish and other aquatic species, including Atlantic salmon, striped bass, American shad, American eel, river herring, Atlantic sturgeon, lake trout and freshwater mussels. Stable fish and other aquatic populations indicate healthy river systems that can sustain healthy human communities and local economies, as well as provide ample fishing and recreational opportunities.

Tours arranged with the hatchery manager at Service hatcheries provide opportunities to learn about fish, fish recovery and restoration programs, and the importance of aquatic diversity.


Last updated: December 28, 2011