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Reimbursable Agreements

A reimbursable agreement is a contractual relationship where we provide a product or service to a non-Service party, and the recipient of the product or service pays us. We can enter into these agreements with Private Entities or Federal, State, Local, or Tribal Governments. Note: Reimbursable Agreements with other federal agencies require that agency to initiate an inter- or intra-governmental agreement.

Decision Tree for Reimbursable Agreements



Generally, the following occurs during the processing of reimbursable agreements:

  1. Station negotiates agreement with customer/partner, using Numbers 1-26 below.
  2. Station sends complete agreement and all attachments to NWRS Budget Analyst.
  3. NWRS Reviews Agreement and routes for required approval signatures.
  4. Budget Analyst completes Form 3-2058 and routes to Budget & Admin for approval.  Once approved, Budget Analyst enters dollar amount in BAS and routes agreement for approval through Washington Office.  Once approved, Budget Analyst routes completed package to Denver for entry into FBMS.  Once entered in FBMS, Budget Analyst targets funds and faxes or mails a copy of completed agreement to Station and partner.
  5. Each modification to an agreement must contain the same information and be routed through the same process.
  6. Year-end closeout and Carryover is processed by the NWRS Budget Analyst.


Reimbursable Agreement Checklist Components

(Click Here for the Reimbursable Agreement Checklist)

1.  Project Title                       

2.  Cite at least one legal authority to enter into the agreement.
Use the following links to find the appropriate authorities:

3.  Reimbursable agreements must include the following disputes clause:
“If the Buyer cancels the agreement, the Seller may collect costs incurred prior to the cancellation of the agreement plus any termination costs.”

4.  Payment arrangements:

Private Entity (Exhibit 3, 264 FW 2)  Advance Payment required.
State, Tribal, Local Government         Advance Payment preferred.  See #5
Federal agency                                Advance Payment not required.

5.  Will you request a waiver of advance payment for a State, Tribal or local government?  Include memorandum for review and approval (Exhibit 2, 264 FW 2).  Please contact Gale Hubley for details.

  • The Regional Director must approve requests to waive advance payment
    for reimbursable agreements with States (no limit on dollar amount),
    and local and tribal governments if the agreement is for no more than
  • The Director must approve requests to waive advance payment for reimbursable agreements with Local and tribal governments for agreements over $250,000.

6. Overhead rate and dollar amount:

__6% pass through (all funds obligated to contract(s);
__17% Service owned facilities;
__22% non-Service owned facilities;
__38% technical assistance for FWCA products – COE only). 

7.  Will you request an exception to cost recovery (overhead)?  This requires language in the appropriation or legislation related to the reimbursable that states we must lower or waive cost recovery.  Include a memorandum for review and approval.  Please contact Gale Hubley for details.  Must be renewed every 2 fiscal years.

8. Choose from one of the following ABC codes:  M4, 8Q, V2, or W2                            

9. Start of work date (work cannot begin before this date and cannot begin until the
agreement is signed by both parties)             

10. Planned completion date                                 

11. Customer name, address, phone, fax, e-mail  

12. Customer Agreement Number           

13. Tax ID number  

14. Total Amount of Agreement (including overhead)

15. USFWS Project Manager name, address, phone, fax, e-mail        

16. USFWS Person responsible for required monthly review.        

17. Paying Office Billing/Financial Contact name, address, phone, fax, e-mail      

18. Agency Locator Code (ALC) (for federal customers only)         

19. DUNS Number.  If customer does not have a DUNS number they must get one
through Dun & Bradstreet (866/785-0428 or           
Sometimes the customer wants the FWS DUNS number.  If you do not know your
DUNS number, find it using your org code at

20. Treasury Account Symbol (federal entities only) – the customer’s billing contact
should have this information.            

21. BETC Code (federal entities only) – code that indicates type of activity being
reported.  The customer’s billing contact should have this information. 

22. Scope of work attached – outline the statement of work to be performed,
including services and products the Service will deliver, as well as the agreement
amount, payment terms and schedule, performance period, budget  period and
project period.  

23. Cover letter from the Project Leader to the ARD (Scott Kahan, Regional Chief,
NWRS) describing how the agreement benefits the mission of the FWS.

24. Bio-day worksheet attached – calculation to determine the direct and indirect
costs associated with the agreement            

25. Regional Chief, NWRS, Scott Kahan signature (for agreements $250,000 and under.)

      Regional Director, Wendi Weber’s signature (for agreements over $250,000)               

26. Customer’s approving authority signature             
Note:  Final approval for Reimbursable Agreements up to $250,000 by Regional Chief, NWRS (as delegated by the Regional Director).  Agreements over $250,000 must be approved by the Regional Director. Complete agreements will be routed at the regional office for final approval signatures.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact:

Reimbursable Coordinator
Chris Nolan
Budget and Finance Officer, FWS
300 Westgate Center Drive
Hadley, MA 01035
(413) 253-8227


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Last updated: February 24, 2015