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Cooperative, Inter-/Intra- Agency, and Reimbursable

Agreement Processes

Welcome to the Region 5 website dedicated to field support and guidance on the Agreement Process. This site is dedicated to having the most up-to-date information, documents, and tools to aide you through setting up or modifying an agreement with your prospective partner.

Deciding whether an agreement is the best tool to facilitate your partnership is your first step. We can quickly make this determination by deciding whether the Service is providing funds to a partner and there is expected to be substantial involvement (Cooperative), we are providing funds to a federal partner (Inter-/Intra-Agency), or we are receiving funds from our partner (Reimbursable).

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Please follow the links below the to Agreement Process you will utilize for your partnership:

Click Here for ===> Inter-/Intra-Agency Agreements

Click Here for ===> Cooperative/Grant Agreements

Click Here for ===> Reimbursable Agreements


Agreement Administration

At this point, the Administrative Officer and Project Officer will each take on a role to monitor and report on the agreement.  The administrative officer will be responsible for maintaining the official agreement file and ensuring ASAP registration.  The project officer will be responsible for monitoring the agreement. 

Package Due Dates to your Agreements Coordinator:

Note: CGS's deadline is August 5, 2013, which means that the agreement needs to be processed by your agreements coordinator prior to that date. When the agreement reaches CGS, it should have already been reviewed by your agreements coordinator. The due dates below are to get your agreements into your agreement coordinator only. Your agreements coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the agreement reaches CGS by August 5, 2013.

  • NEW Inter/Intra-Agency Agreements: July 5, 2013
  • Modification Inter/Intra-Agency Agreements: July 5, 2013
  • Cooperative Agreements (New and Modifications): July 5, 2013

Admin Officer will:

  • Ensure that all information is correct on the PPR included in the package and accounting information on the agreement is correct.
  • Ensure that Recipient is registered with ASAP.  Utilize the ASAP Info document if you require further information (Click Here for the ASAP Info document). (Click Here to be directed to the FBMS Internal Website related to NEW ASAP Enrollment).
  • Maintain the official file of the agreement – The station is required to maintain the official file of the entire agreement for auditing purposes.  The official file will include all agreement paperwork, the partial payment record, and copies of all invoices paid.

Project Officer will:

  • Prepare agreement – Ensure agreement submission contains all required components.
  • Monitor project progress – Ensure work is being performed in accordance with the terms/conditions of the agreement and within the time frame. Propose  modifications to the agreement if necessary to meet time and condition changes.
  • Ensure that cooperator submits interim and final financial & performance reports as indicated in section III of the agreement.  If proper reporting is not occurring, the Project Officer should inform the Program Official.

Program Official/Agreements Coordinator/Grants Officer will:

  • Provide guidance to Project Officers on Agreement Checklist components
  • Enter opportunity into PRISM.
  • Enter opportunity on
  • Review all agreements prior to award
  • Resolve issues with Application Packages
  • Coordinate signatures for all awards
  • Provide Fully Executed Agreements to relevant parties.
  • Enters FADDS reports.


Last updated: May 15, 2013