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Volunteer Opportunities

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at Rachel Carson  National Wildlife Refuge needs YOU -- your talents, your enthusiasm, your point of view  and some of your time!

Various opportunities exist at the Refuge for volunteers to gain valuable and rewarding experience. Volunteers assist refuge employees by working in such fields as:

Through such activities as nature walks, talks, slide programs and visitor center information duty, volunteers help visitors understand and appreciate both the natural and cultural history of the Refuge as well as provide information on the recreational and educational opportunities available. Volunteers also rove Refuge trails to talk to visitors, report vandalism, note maintenance needs and pickVolunteers helping out at the refugeup litter.

Environmental Education:
Establish Environmental Education contacts through teacher orientation workshops, open house events, day camp, field trips and special projects

Resource Management:
Qualified individuals may assist wildlife biologists in such areas as wildlife survey salt marsh monitoring and other projects.

Volunteers may help Refuge employees in general tasks such as landscape maintenance, sign installation, gate painting, construction and routine vehicle maintenance. Also, opportunities exist for those with skills in such disciplines as plumbing and carpentry.

Invasive Plant  Control:
Volunteers work with refuge staff and partners to prune, pull, dig and cut non-native plants weeds, and plants in order to  and nurture new native plants as part of the Refuge's habitat restoration mission.


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