Refuge Planning
Northeast Region

Step C: Review Vision Statement and Goals and Determine Significant Issues

1. Vision Statement and Goals—Review and evaluate the public comments on the planning unit vision statement and goals. Based on that review, modify the vision and goals for the planning unit as appropriate.

2. Determine Significant Issues—Review and evaluate all potential issues, management concerns, or problems and the opportunities for resolving them that the planning team and the public have identified. Identify those issues and concerns that are significant, and the appropriate scale at which to consider them. Document the rationale for selecting significant issues, as well as the rationale for not selecting the other issues and concerns—for example, they lie outside the scope of the CCP, do not contribute to achieving the purposes of the refuge or the mission of the Refuge System, etc. Significant issues typically are those that fall under our jurisdiction, suggest different actions or alternatives, and will influence our decision. Refer the issues not selected to the appropriate Service program office or division.

A. Preplanning: Plan the Plan

B. Initiate Public Involvement & Scoping

C. Review Vision Statement and Goals and Determine Significant Issues

D. Develop and Analyze Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action

E. Prepare Draft Plan and NEPA Document

F. Prepare and Adopt Final Plan

G. Implement Plan, Monitor, and Evaluate

H. Review and Revise Plan

Last updated: December 21, 2011