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Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Background

  • History of Refuge Establishment, Acquisition and Management
  • Purpose of and Need for Action
  • Refuge Purpose
  • Refuge Vision Statement
  • Legal and Policy Guidance
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its Mission
  • The National Wildlife Refuge System and its Mission
  • Fulfilling the Promise
  • North American Waterfowl Management Plan
  • Partners In Flight
  • Regional Wetlands Concept Plan
  • Ohio River Valley Ecosystem Strategic Plan

2. Planning Process

  • Planning Issues

3. Refuge and Resource Description

  • Physical Environment
  • Water Quality
  • Topography/Soils
  • Geology/Hydrology
  • Air Quality
  • Biological Environment
  • Terrestrial Habitats
  • Wetland Habitats
  • Aquatic Habitats
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species
  • Socioeconomic Environment
  • History/Archaeology
  • Land Use
  • Recreational Use

4. Management Direction

  • Refuge Management Direction: Goals and Objectives
Goal 1 (Habitat)
Goal 2 (Biological Monitoring)
Goal 3 (Priority Public Uses)
Goal 4 (Raise Public Awareness)
Goal 5 (Staff and Facilities)
  • Alternatives Considered, but eliminated from detailed study
  • Summary of Management Actions and Strategies (Figure 4)
  • Summary of Potential Impacts (Figure 5)

5. Implementation and Monitoring

  • Background
  • Step-Down Management Plans
  • Proposed Staffing Chart (Figure 6)
  • Compatibility Determinations
  • Plan Performance
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


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Comprehensive Conservation Plan

RONS and MMS Project Lists

The Refuge Operating Needs System (RONS) project list and the Maintenance Management System (MMS) list associated with the Ohio River Islands NWR are presented here. The projects and associated costs are based on our current knowledge of the scope of each project. Full implementation assumes RONS and MMS projects are funded over the next 15 years.

Terms used in this Appendix G:

Project: This list includes proposed projects expected to cost more than $20,000. Table G-1 includes those projects currently in the RONS database. Table G-2 includes those projects proposed in the CCP.

FTE: Full Time Staffing Equivalent. One FTE equals one person working full time for one whole year; seasonal employees are considered 0.5 FTE.

Cost, year 1: Estimated costs incurred during the first year of a project. These are typically higher than recurring costs, due to construction, equipment purchase, or other start-up expenses.

Cost, recurring: Estimated average annual project cost for subsequent years; includes recurring salary and maintenance costs.

Project duration: Estimated length of time for each project. Since this CCP will be revised in 15 years, the "maximum project duration" is 15 years, even though some projects may continue into the next planning cycle.


Table G-1: Proposed projects currently in the RONS database (FY2002).

Project Staffing



year 1

(x $1000)

Cost, recurring

(x $1000)

Project Duration


Accessible wildlife observation and fish platform   82 6 5
Restore bottomland hardwoods .50 FTE 59 22 15
Endangered species, interjurisdictional fish, and native wildlife surveys 1.0 FTE 118 53 15
Informational kiosks and Refuge brochures   76 10 15
Interpretive trails and outdoor recreation 1.0 FTE 118 53 15
Refuge law enforcement and public outreach 1.0 FTE 117 52 15
Wheeling/Middle Island interpretive program   54 0 5
Native mussel reintroduction   36 10 15
Inventory resources, apply adaptive management techniques 1.0 FTE 128 63 15
Protect resources and ensure public safety 1.0 FTE 129 64 15
Improve maintenance of refuge infrastructure and equipment 1.0 FTE 122 57 15
Exotic plant control and bottomland hardwoods restoration 1.0 FTE 125 51 15
Remobilization of contaminants into fish and wildlife... 0.50 FTE 75 17 10
Increased public use opportunities and visitor access 1.0 FTE 140 45 15
Lewis and Clark celebration   89 0 1
Transportation for Refuge outdoor recreation 0.00 30 1 5
TOTAL 9.00 FTE $1,498 $504  


Table G-2: Additional projects proposed in CCP, none of which are currently identified in RONS database. Projects are listed by resource program area (biological, public use, and administrative) priority. Staff from projects below will come from above requested staff.

Project Cost,

year 1

(x $1000)

Cost, recurring

(x $1000)

Project Duration



Habitat Management Projects:
Mussel quarantine and captive rearing program 5 5 15 x
Install bird, butterfly and bat boxes 1   5 x
Revegetate/restore wetland habitat 10 5 5 x
Annually track status of zebra mussel 5 5 15 x
Shoreline stabilization and revegetation 20 20 15 x
Manage water levels to mimic natural fluctuations 5 2 15 x
Restore embayment habitat 8 8 15 x
Conduct cover-type mapping 20 10 5 x

Public Use Projects:
Expand hunting program 15 2 5 x
Provide environmental education opportunities 10 2 15 x
Assist with off-site environmental education 30 2 15 x
Establish a Refuge "Friends Group" 10 3 5 x

Administrative Projects:
Land Acquisition 1000 1000 15 x
Continue to rent GSA space for headquarters* 36 36 15  
Construct new Refuge headquarters 2000 200 10 x
Secure temporary quarters for volunteer and staff 50 10 5 x




The list of projects and the priority ranking proposed for each program area is based on current needs and information and may be subject to change as new information becomes available.


Table G-3. Projects currently backlogged in the Maintenance Management System (MMS) Database for the Ohio River Islands NWR .

Project #

Project Name
Cost Estimate ($1,000)
00001 Replace well used 1992 light duty work pick-up truck $25
01003 Replace 16' workboat, 50 horsepower (HP) motor and trailer with 20' boat with twin 50 HP motor and trailer $25
01004 Revamp 22" aluminum dive boat and replace 115 HP motor with twin 70 HP motor and trailer $26
01006 Rehabilitate deteriorated refuge support building on Middle Island $85
97002 Replace 1963 farm tractor with 35 HP 4x4 farm tractor $72
01001 Replace 4X4 vehicle (Chevrolet Tahoe or equivalent) $25
01002 Replace 4x4 vehicle (Chevrolet Suburban or equivalent) $45
01005 Remove deteriorated 1000' asphalt access road and 2 acre asphalt parking area at Buffalo Creek site. Construct visitor kiosk, gravel road and parking area. $257
96002 Rehabilitate 2.1 miles of rutted dirt road with gravel on Middle Island $63
97003 Conduct feasibility analysis of erosion control measures $104
00006 Construct refuge headquarters with visitor contact station $2,072
00003 Remove abandoned barn on Buckley Island $82
00004 Remove barn on Buckley Island $68
00005 Remove Buckley Island House $39



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