Pennsylvania Field Office
Northeast Region
Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Partners for Fish and Wildlife is a voluntary program administered by the United States Department of the Interior's United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Nationally, the program was initiated in 1987 to help protect, enhance and restore wildlife habitat. The program is designed for use on privately owned (non-federal) lands, providing landowners with technical and financial assistance to restore fish and wildlife habitats. Partnerships are the keystone of the program. The list of partners is varied, but in general they include other federal agencies, state and local governments, educational institutions, businesses, conservation organizations and private landowners. Generally speaking, anyone can become a partner providing the work will be done on non-federal lands, and eligibility requirements of the program are met.

The inception of the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program in Pennsylvania began in 1988 and has been growing at a steady pace ever since. In Pennsylvania the program has focused on restoring several types of habitats, including, but not limited to, wetlands, upland areas, riparian zones and grasslands. Most recently, the program has become increasingly involved in restoring in-stream aquatic habitats, and focusing on habitat restoration in Cherry Valley. Fish and wildlife habitats that were once in a degraded state are now providing important cover, food, water and breeding areas for many species.

If you are interested in becoming a program partner in Pennsylvania, please contact:

Mark Roberts, Supervisory Fish and Wildlife Biologist
110 Radnor Road, Suite 101
State College, PA 16801

If you qualify for the program, a biologist will conduct a site visit to discuss possible restoration activities on your property.

Last updated: April 13, 2016