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The Partners for Fish and Wildlife program is very unique in that the possibilities for providing private landowners assistance with various projects is nearly endless. Although restoration is the primary purpose of the program, other projects are also developed to protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plants and their associated habitats. Some of the more recent projects are listed below with a brief description.


As time permits, Partners biologists conduct presentations to various groups, clubs, organizations and schools. Presentation topics vary, but in general pertain to the program's restoration activities, and how citizens can play an active part in wildlife and habitat conservation. Under current staffing limitations, these programs are conducted on a limited basis.

Bog turtles:

Currently, biologists from the Partners program are developing restoration plans to restore critical habitat for the Bog turtle. Bog turtles are federally listed as threatened.

Northeastern bulrush:

Biologists from the Partners program are assisting in the restoration of northeastern bulrush habitat by opening up sections of canopy cover in vernal poosl that lie deep in the forests of Pennsylvania. The northeastern bulrush is federally listed as endangered.

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Other Habitats

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