Pennsylvania Field Office
Northeast Region
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Conservation Planning Assistance

In areas of Pennsylvania where vacant land is becoming scarce, development pressure threatens many streams and wetlands. Throughout Pennsylvania, our Conservation Planning Assistance program, with other federal and State partners, works to encourage development that protects the integrity of streams and wetlands, thereby preserving their nutrient and water supply functions, flood control benefits, and fish and wildlife habitats. The key is to balance land use with conservation of natural communities. Using sound science, the Fish and Wildlife Service provides expert technical advice to developers and decisionmakers in early planning stages of projects, for the conservation and stewardship of our Nation’s biological resources. Our biologists have experience with many kinds of development projects, including commercial/residential, highway construction, hydropower, surface and underground coal mining, abandoned mine land restoration, coal refuse disposal sites, dam construction, flood control, stormwater management, oil and gas development, stream restoration, wetland mitigation, wind energy development, dredging, shoreline stabilization, and landfills.

Last updated: June 21, 2017